In The Spotlight

Ana Groenewold - President

I grew up in a culture where helping is the only really important thing in life. Without that ingredient, life simply does not make sense. I was convinced that helping others and having healthy finances didn’t go hand in hand, and I could only choose one or the other. I entered Stemtech a few years ago and when I saw the results in my health and received my first check, I discovered a different world where you didn’t have to sacrifice your financial health to help. I discovered in Stemtech something that humanity needs so urgently. I decided to bet it all on this project! Today I have almost 4,000 people in my network. Thousands of lives have benefited from that seed and my absolute determination. I have had the privilege of discovering sides in myself that I didn’t know, such as giving lectures and leading beautiful people I share the same purpose with. Today I see a bright future for humanity in Stemtech, and I am very happy to be part of it.