And Beyond

Above & Beyond 2017 Award

Claudia Zamudio Vargas - Mexico

“I've been in the industry for years, and when I found the Stemtech opportunity I could see it was a place for greatness,” says Claudia Zamudio, one of the most successful IBPs our company has today. A while ago, Claudia was going through difficult times. Father and mother to her children, she had accumulated debts and was about to lose her house. Her situation meant also an enormous emotional burden for her. Then she entered Stemtech, a company that stabilized her finances and gave her something even more important: the joy of changing lives and promoting wellbeing for many people. “Stemtech really changes lives,” she says. “I found the right place here, because the company’s mission and vision are the same as mine, and certainly many people’s too." Claudia has traveled across four continents and she’s witnessed everywhere the positive effects of Stemtech products on many others, as well as the benefits of its compensation plan. “Anyone who wants to change his/her life by improving others has a place at Stemtech," she says. For Claudia, working and making a difference in the world is a dream come true.